Welcome to GTAcast presented by the Guerrilla Teacher Academy. I’m Ashley and I’ll be your host for Episode 8. Michelle and I are talking about a recent discussion hosted by our school to determine a new model for compensating employees within our system. We shared some frustrations and some things that we thought were appropriate for the scenario. Today’s segment will talk about Deliberative Democracy and the type of situations that it is appropriate for. In the interest of full disclosure, this was recorded late one night using primitive technology. Also we were a bit punchy, and seem to have earned our first language rating.

We begin with the question: How do you fairly compensate someone for the work that they do?

Current situation – competency based growth program with a portfolio documenting growth in teaching.

If the system claims to value co-teaching, where is the I and where is the WE in the work when we are evaluated individually, What happens when the work is OURS?

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