Welcome to episode two of the Guerrilla Teacher Academy Podcast! In the first segment of our podcast today, we hear from Michelle King, the Guerrilla Teacher Academy’s self-proclaimed Learning Instigator.

We here at the Guerrilla Teacher Academy found ourselves brought together by a question: “What’s breaking your heart about the way we find ourselves engaged in education?” We realized that that was a fast way to spiral into negativity, and quickly amended it to “What’s driving your train?”

What is sacred about learning? How do we create the conditions where slowing down is an acceptable part of education? Remember to continue the lineage of teaching; from teacher to teacher.

Parker Palmer: “We teach who we are.”

We need to champion and celebrate each other.

Stay tuned next week where Michelle and I  find the one simple sounding, but distressingly complex thing that she would change about education.

Hear more from Michelle on twitter @lrninginstigatr or check out some of her projects at

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